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The Face Behind Diva Smooth


From a Turbulent past to CEO of


Diva Smooth ……..


This Diva did not always have such a productive life. A turbulent start to life including Rape at the age of 5, fostercare at the age of 13, by 13 1/2 she was considered a professional runaway by Va, Social Service, sexual abuse again at 16 while in Foster Care and a runaway on and off until the age of 17. Consequently, as a teenager,

Diva was rebellious and shunned authority with a preference for street life over the unsteady flow of the Foster-Care system and Group Homes she knew ONLY too well.

Through sheer determination and a reliance on God, Diva began to take control of her life and got her GED at age 35 and eventually her Cosmetology license. She created her own hair care product and through divine providence secured a distribution deal for her up and coming product. Diva spent a lot of her time Giving Back and mentoring young women who are incarcerated. She taught a life skills class at the local Jail in Lynchburg VA and a life skills class in the low income community of James Crossing. She also started a Healing Hearts through Hair ministry where she offers free hair services to homeless women, children and men.


Diva Smooth was created with ( YOU ) in mind. Yes you ! This is not just my product this belongs to you ! If you have any questions please email me. I read and reply to every one. Please see page below...….


Thanks for believing in me